Many of you are experiencing the acceleration andspeeding up of time. It seems each day passes quickly by and slipsaway without too much being accomplished and the plans that weremade for one day have to be postponed to another. When this occurs,observe the state of your own being and you will see that on thosedays your consciousness was focused within and in all likelihood,operating multi-dimensionally. Your consciousness may be goingthrough a recalibration and realignment process and you are beingassisted in your desire to increase your frequency to ascensionlevel. These usually happen in increments that can safely beassimilated by your four lower bodies.



Itis becoming more apparent to all upon the planet that the oldsystems and patterns of influence are crumbling, as those who wouldwage war and destruction to keep the World's inhabitants in a stateof fear are no longer being supported by their citizens. The act ofwar is being viewed by the World's people as an abomination and thegreatest disrespect for the sanctity of human life experience onthe planet. There are those who care not for the honoring of alllife and who seek to gratify their lust for power and privilege nomatter the cost in human life and suffering . The people of theplanet are beginning to understand who those ones are and aregiving voice in opposition to these acts of violence andaggression. They are seeing through the justifications these onesmake in order to show their citizens that their aggression andforays into other countries is acceptable.

   對於所有生活於地球上的人來說這正變得越來越明顯---陳舊的系統和與之匹配的影響都在不斷的崩潰,而那些企圖展開戰爭和破壞的人,讓世界的人們繼續控制在恐懼的狀態中的惡意想法都不再受到他們自己國民的支持。戰爭的行為正被世界上的人們所厭惡,同時也是對於人類在這顆星球上體驗的聖潔生活最大的無禮。確實還存在這那些完全不尊重生命的人,因為對權力與特權的貪婪慾望而不擇手段荼毒人們的生命並使其遭受痛苦。然而這顆星球上的人們已開始懂得自己是擁有權利 的,給予自己的呼聲去反對暴力和侵略的行為。他們已看穿那些向自己國民作秀的虛假理由和尋找入侵和攻擊其他國家看似可被接受的藉口。

Thevoices of their people have begun to swell in a spontaneousrejection of the old ways of maintaining power and control at thecost of those who would be put into the direct line of fire. Thewriting is on the wall for these leaders as they look around andrealize that the people they have been elected and sworn to serveare not pleased by their choices and are willing to stand in thestreets in the millions until the leaders have no choice but tostand down and find another, more peaceful way to resolveconflicts. The words of an old song sung many years ago “What ifthere was a war and no one came?” begin to make total sense. Thosein power can do nothing without the people if the people choose tonot follow.


TheEarth's inhabitants need to come together and work in cooperationand harmony to face the changes taking place upon the planet. Thechallenges that are prevalent need to be faced in a spirit ofhumility and service to all. It is no longer a matter for only thevery few in places of political power to make choices that affecteveryone in the World. These times are demanding true leadershipfrom people who can see beyond the borders of their own countriesand can see the World as one World that is about to change foreverin ways that are yet unimaginable. The billions of souls upon theplanet want to come together in a way that allows everyone to besupported and nourished. They want to see the manifestation oftheir deepest dreams and their heartfelt prayers for peace onEarth. They want their families to grow, prosper and thrive. Thisdesire lives in every human heart.


Thetime of the power of the many has come and this will be moreevident in the months ahead. The quiet revolution we spoke ofpreviously is gathering momentum. The old ways no longer workbecause they are not in harmony with the new influx of energiesthat herald a new dawn , a new beginning. These energies bringsolutions to age old problems in seemingly miraculous ways. Thecrossroads for each soul stands before them in the now moment andeach soul has already made their decision. It is now the awakeningmoment.


Until next week… 
I AM Hilarion 




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