Today's Oneness Teaching by Sri Amma Bhagavan

All desire is only craving for love. "

..Sri Amma Bhagavan

Have a Lovely Day !

EXPOSITION by Namannji:
Analyse all the desires you get.  You will discover that fundamentally, and the source of all desires is love. You want to be a doctor, so that you can get recognition, name, money etc and hence people will love you. Similarly, you want to help people so that ultimately people will praise you for that and you will get love from the people. You may say that you like your work and enjoy it so much.  When that is true on one side, on the other, you directly or indirectly, consciously or unconsciously, intentionally or unintentionally, you are craving for love in all relationships. Watch your craving for love in every desire of yours. Nothing wrong about craving at all. But that is the cause of your suffering. In fact that very craving is suffering. Contemplate.


This Week's Teaching for contemplation:

" The Awakened One stays with the what is without effort.
The Unawakened One tries to stay with the what is. "
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